The Shared Issue

The Shared Issue

The Publication —

The Shared Issue — Publication & letter to the editor postcard

The Shared Issue — Inside fold.

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The Shared Issue — Outside fold.

The Shared Issue — Inside fold.


  • Client

    Dunedin Citizens

  • Location

    Ōtepoti, Dunedin

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The Shared Issue is a creative, collaborative, and experimental publication that urges conscious thought surrounding local space.

It fosters discussion and encourages response to place, private and public, while building a supportive community network that can share knowledge and disseminate information. The founding issue was supported by Blue Oyster Project Art Space through their mail-out exhibition ‘POST.’

The makeup —

The publication takes place in a variety of locales, taking form through physical print. Its format and size is easily shared and handled. Its distribution is varied most commonly through local hubs and individuals, connecting people through communication, and offering connected urban resilience.

  • Articles
  • Exotic Peer Support
  • A 5km/hr Experience
  • Collective City Making
  • Compared To My Sister
  • On Urban Dialogue + The City of Ōtepoti Dunedin
  • Classifieds
The design —

The publication utilises local resources that provide everyday people with a platform to change how their community receives information about their surrounding environment. It provides opportunities for local people to contribute and form a collaborative network within its community. Ōtepoti, Aotearoa is the founding place of this publication, and by association, the focus of the first issue. This issue starts conversations on native landscape against colonial townscape, the ideals of a human-centric city, living together, and reflection by comparison. The City of Ōtepoti is a hotbed of planned and existing activity – this issue begins to capture it – and share it.

The result —

The shared issue aspires to be a precedent for community-based urbanism, whilst allowing a continuous dialogue in the fields of experimental art, architecture, and design in Aotearoa. Each article serves as the beginning of a conversation to share with a friend creating a tumble weed effect of evolving dialogue, connecting  voices with those who don’t often get a platform or need a different forum to inspire the urbanist in all of us.

Project Team —

Publisher — ahha
Editor — Campbell McNeill
Print — Point Design & Publishing
Supporters, Distributers & Partners — Blue Oyster Gallery